Dear all at WMTC. . Thank you for the kind invitation and hospitality to last night’s performance of ‘Movin’ On Up. Congratulation on the performance which included great vocals and choreography. I am sure all involved are rightful proud of the show as it demonstrated the hard work put in by all both on stage and in the wings as well as the production team. It was good to see wonderful performances from Harlequin Stage School and of course pupils from Flyford Flavell Primary School. Wishing you a successful final two performance taking place today. Next year’s show ‘Stand by Me’ is in the diary.
Andy Andy Brown – NODA West Midlands Regional Councillor
I have had the best week this week as your SM, but I can’t be a good manager without a great team! Everyone of them has put their heart and soul into ensuring the show was best for all the company! Thank you team Thanks again for all your smiles, support and help this week.
Michael Ardis
I met a family from Flyford at the Swan yesterday who were there because their son was in Movin on Up and wanted to be in the audience ‘for a change’. Involving children sows seeds!
Audience Member
WMTC had a dazzling start with "Hooray for Hollywood" and standout performances like 'Get Happy.' The Harlequin Stage School impressed with dance contributions, showcasing their recent success at the Dance World Cup. Act 2 included captivating segments like 'Let’s Dance' and a powerful 'Rock' section. Ken Knight's rendition of 'The Hippopotamus' and the vibrant 'Carnival' section rounded off the exceptional production.
Bruce Wyatt Noda
Worcester Musical Theatre Company's Swan Theatre production wows with captivating performances, including a stellar opening and skillful displays by the Harlequin Stage School and talented children. Guided by superb musical accompaniment and the debut of show compere Steve Carley, the production supports the Perdiswell Young People’s Leisure Club’s Inclusion Project.
John Philpot
Massive thank you to everyone on stage and behind the scenes who made last night's stunning "Movin' On Up" extravaganza of music and dance possible. It was a great honour to be invited - thank you!
Cllr Louis Stephen Mayor of Worcester